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How do I change my DNS Servers?

If you purchased your domain name through Posh Carts you do NOT have to worry about doing anything.  Posh Carts will automatically insert the correct DNS nameservers when we set up your account.

For Customers that did NOT purchase your Domain through Posh Carts do the following:

You will need to login to the site where you purchased your domain from.  If you purchased your domain through Posh Carts your DNS servers will be setup for you by Posh Carts.  If you did not purchase your domain from Posh Carts then you will need to change them.  Login to your Domain account (godaddy, yahoo, etc) and find the area where you would enter your own DNS Nameservers.  You need to delete the DNS Nameservers that are in place there and insert the DNS Nameservers that Posh Carts sent you in your welcome email.

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